torstai 25. joulukuuta 2014

Love in the middle of the polar night

I am far away from your lap
the polar night, it's time
Get seductively bliss.
Dark veil, the
a treacherous peace, rest area.

I tore the heart out of the chest,
and refuge, love in only.
The lack of sun in the middle of hiding.
Friendship for no reason,
Alongside the growing rod
perfidious viper snake?

Hermit crust increases.
By eating too much from its shell
on top of the protective layer of fat may be.
Gold, secretly crave,
I hide the feelings of the world.
Pallid light of the moon
hiding, it creates
bumerengin way of circulating reflex.

Strong, effective emotion.
Is the only voice that I can
soothe. My love for you,
it takes me somewhere in the mist
the center of the dreams I sink suction.

Your number you gave me,
gladness to cheer up a long time,
your words carried the midst of darkness.
Do I dare to call, maybe
yet even that day comes?

Secure are extracts from the heart
hidden emotions.
Of love you to me
so you can take off.
Like fire stick out on top
secretly flame scratched.

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