tiistai 30. joulukuuta 2014

On the virtual waves

Humanity subway tunnel,
the integrity of the election.
Gulassin among chefs,
and sauerkraut. caftan within
I lost direction
the world's merciless winds
the heathen.
The world's oceans row,
According to the pilot of love
wants to pick it up.
So much friendship with
He carries my suitcase.
Row, felt the waves of the virtual world.
The fingers apart, the computer keys
the bit frequency space.

I want to know where to get there
lost somewhere in cyberspace
the bend. Virtual Wave dangerous
is an innocent maiden secular way.
You my friend you have there a telephone line
1990 away, and Vihtori
Molla waves virtual time
drowned. I want to know
where he can be found,
a man who is skillful in common
virtual frequency skill.
I want to join with another to find
the man of honest, genuine.

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