keskiviikko 17. joulukuuta 2014


Sometimes do not have any satisfied.
Will only be broken only for their own tears.
Murru sometimes everyday blitz
more than once I'm stumbling,
the fragments of a dream
chords anchored.

Do not know this world, decision-makers,
which brings a sense of happiness to man's heart.
Christmas sometimes a small blanket throw,
over the world so evil kind.
Mother rice porridge when cooked,
when Christmas comes to us like.

Everyday Heroes throw to nail overalls.
Then, when you start the festive season.
Create the magic of Christmas in our hearts now.
We break now rusted bolts,
Gingerbread is extruded in a large heart.

Sound of Christmas, it sounds like a silver flute.
Busy for a while to wear off, and families
meet each other. Out of us it,
that is not money, Mammon eyes shut.
Now the poet chords place again anchored.
For us, Christmas rhymes while
at virtuosity in the poem.

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