lauantai 20. joulukuuta 2014


Only the lonely night
administrator may note,
the silence
under its own weight
darkness of night
melancholy sounds.
sensitive moments
experiencing sleepless,
no sleep refreshing
rest when swamp.

Darkness cloak on your shoulders
administrator to create,
tired, sleep and just can not get.
So many feeling
this heavily oppressive.
The author chords,
rhymes night will be setting the pace gets.

Rhymes, dreams of far away
somewhere to go.
the soul of a lonely
fulfilling the words in full.
Something here in the world
I'm looking for again and again.
Perhaps it sometimes find parts.

Grief far runs,
sometimes even the doors to close
sometimes the heart
to live in ice. darkness
in December, it's the feeling of
paralyzing the entire country Finland.

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