perjantai 26. joulukuuta 2014

A strong sense of

Strong, effective, Vibrato,
Concentrated melody, ear worm play ...
As the bouncing of water drops
rhythm when spring comes.

Inside is a feeling secure extracts
spring feeling, as well
as the scent of the coming summer.

I could at one time you gobble,
but the Maltese my mind,
hill I mention my tongue.
Compete with you, gently play with the idea.
This lively feeling is serious,
impressive, this childish in the middle.
Thou hast kept the secret inside me
dormant power that life,
spring awakening the flame of reproach.

I know the fear that I fall in love with you,
a sense of enthusiasm, I will hide from you.

Dangerously dive emotions
flooded rapids, it might be
the melody on the piano do?

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