torstai 25. joulukuuta 2014


I have inside of me
secret power,
It often reproach me.
Then I feel under my feet
the axis of swing to
and me dizzy.

In the wild, rampant words
inviting jungle.
wants me
to write the story
a stalking lion
the afternoon sun.

The sharp horns, deer
herd, they can also ram
appreciated. Words of worship,
it may be unnecessary
disappointments price.

Man as a baby
breast seeks.
I have dreams
afternoon in the savannah,
the wind in my hair is.
Meadow under me invites,
smells of grass, as
meadow wool.

Frightening is not such a
adored Madonna,
to sign autographs
the world's markets.
I want to be more,
wild and free.
Fly through the power of my words
like a wild eagle.
Pan flute, it is the voice of
complete freedom.

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