tiistai 15. heinäkuuta 2014

The time

The time it jumped out of the trough, 
night and kissed the stars of despair. 
I sailed through the port of sorrows, 
and at my door waiting for the ferry from the underworld. 
Power takes you somewhere, I'm involved in it. 
I'd like an anchor, and the hug of comfort. 

Is too quiet that time, 
the hourglass runs towards the ground. 
Now the death of timelessness 
with a wedding waltz goes. 
Grim Woman smiling, 
Time has stopped. 
July, delicate full of sadness. 
I would like to sleep, improve sleep on his lap. 
Wake up in good health to continue the dance of life, 
I still would like to compost into mother earth.

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