sunnuntai 13. heinäkuuta 2014

Am I the one's neighbor

Am I the one's neighbor, 
when the day ends and the evening row 
the lonely bay. 
I write a song, 
I guess I am a little bit different, 
I dress like their clothes. 
I do not fit in worldly fashion layouts, 
I'm red-dressed through the different seasons. 
Does not change the color of my clothes. 
Red, and purple, the conscience 
pure sail skyline rise makes. 

As a human is humanity, 
and the roles of generations. 
There is a great friend of the victim, Rebekah 
sense of limits, a man once he was born. 
Now bears his crown martyr, 
and a woman in pink dress 
the body of a sombrero 
bike ride around town. 

Too much of the stuffy feelings 
hidden from the world, and in vain 
the futility of a halo over his head polished. 
This Sointula yesterday in front of the 
Thomas emotional, and I felt 
the despair of the human heart trembled. 
I will greet, direct and continued posture 
the crowd over, took a few steps running 
Sointula directly.

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