maanantai 21. heinäkuuta 2014

Lily of the valley

I, when I fall 
secretly quietly creeping closer. 
The last weeks are starting heat, 
once the fog quietly rises, 
Up rises. 

Point the sun will rise, 
and illuminates the landscape, with and without 
heated. Today, I am as 
the dragon and the princess in the same 
fancy dress. 

Joensuu remembers something, 
After weeks of joyous rock. 
All it will remember who 
here is gone. 

I'm still in the lily of the valley is looking for 
prince of dreams, 
Always successfully kiss 
simply frog, and 
my carriage into a pumpkin at midnight 
changes again. 
That leaves the two mice out of the evening gown is. 
In memory of leaving one glass slipper princess.

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