torstai 10. heinäkuuta 2014

Just the right kind of emotion

Just the right kind of emotion I'd miss, 
not too many plans, they will be 
disappointed at all times, 
during the week, and Sunday. 
Days of my life they are full-time 
drawn by strange contours, 
which is beyond called. 
Moments, the moments divided into small sections, 
sadness, happiness, and sorrow. 
Over time the spores with the wind going anywhere. 
Position them in my hair, drove. 
Annual cycle that closes the circle, 
the spring by autumn. Endings, beginnings, 
stories of the world in the throes of storms. 

Zigzag, here and there, or one of a long line segment. 
Let me go, grow wings, and say the fly. 
Time to another time, another magic of the magic. 
I write stories for us, the time between 
the wheels unsuccessful bidders. 
Devil beat each, or as pure angels. 

Let's put our legs cross, yoga position, 
and you can forget about the melancholy of Waterloo. 
Feelings between people, between us. 
I listened to the story of the summer 
sitting on the terrace of the surviving spouse, 
it is slurred, as the beer piss. 
This same cloudy everyday life, we are offered, 
various spoons, like gold spoon in his mouth babies.

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