perjantai 18. heinäkuuta 2014


I came, I was, 
I storms muting. 
I toured the reefs hard, 
a millstone around the neck 
I was a fool 
blacksmith forge anvil. 
I was forged, 
and the iron was too hot. 
I felt pain, happiness, 
and narcotics. 

Upon race was forged with the Sampo, 
life of the impeller I dread. 
I jumped off. 
Free, an author would be better for me to live. 

Now, I'm like a grasshopper in a woman, 
leisure wild Karelia. 
The poem may be related to the singers, 
I write a lamentation for women mourning suit. 

Maybe I live, maybe I die, 
tuning the bow an arrow. 
It'll take care of yes, 
Beyond that, I rest 
Enter the mercy of my thoughts, 
Bread brings children into the mouth. 
Pull out the wrinkle, call the cello, 
Kilise wildly cowbell. 

I can see the path trove of Mine 
Äkkijyrkkä artist woman 
fighter of the Finnish people 
life in him a stone sledge 
put the rails habit. 

Put too much of the load, 
gave a harsh time. 
For the work of artistic 
I give great honor.

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