maanantai 28. heinäkuuta 2014

The beginning of the Kalevala

Who killed the nightingale, who hoped to 
silence, who took it to the language? 
Land Before Time, the sea rises loans. 
Kari Friend bottom of the springboard. 
Space, galaxy, or an ancestor of the nightingale, 
all the sound of the stars, moons inside secretly swallowed. 

And there was the most beautiful singing voice, 
it leaked out to the ears of God, 
who wrapped up his sleeves. 
Decided to create the earth, the space inside the velvety 
black skull. Spores are breathed into the lungs, 
received at the time of the Big Bang. 

So was born the Finnish peninsula, Vainamoinen 
us was born from a single cell. God gave man 
fish jaw bones, said to call the serious minstrel. 
Please call so that an air immet, a young virgin 
get your wife, as long as you get playing
 in the jaws of the fish 
powerful. It was the beginning of the Kalevala, 
Finland's early.

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