tiistai 8. heinäkuuta 2014

Character of human to human.

Sails for the soul sometimes needed 
to find that part of it from the dream. 
Today, inside the thousands of wind bells ringing. 
Perhaps the point man, to some 
the markets of the world. I tour the 
this earth, uneasily 
I walk the streets of people. 

Today I found myself here, 
I tied firmly to life on robust ropes. 
Hips arch needs to touch, 
gentle hug, touch needs 
character of human to human. 
Where to now, only to get to, 
when passing through a dark alley of loneliness? 
All tags go around with their eyes, 
I pass all too fast. 

Yet faced be expected, 
as long as there is time, until the 
our eyes finally closed.

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