maanantai 14. heinäkuuta 2014

So unpredictable here is the number of our days

Pale on night time shooting star, 
you were like a bright light glowing 
or the most beautiful dragonfly flight. 
Sometimes too early clematis 
is broken, do not exist at the time the head 
the tail to the left to sadness 
remaining in memory of the ice. 

I annals of heaven, 
Your charisma printer. 
Again, I find my years running their own, 
restless dreams I sleep without a break whip. 
I can not hide the sorrow, 
it's time to tear, and the major emotions. 

Today I go to the scaffold, 
the executioner gets sentence imposed. 
So unpredictable here is the number of our days. 
Let our way right or wrong, 
here the strong weaker trampling underfoot. 
Sands of the hourglass to continue running all the time, 
I can feel the wind through my fingers 
time getting lost.

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