perjantai 11. heinäkuuta 2014

Like Oil and Water

We are like oil and water, 
still miss your side. 
Oh, Mr. July, asphalt 
wheels under the freedom to sing 
the world's roads beckon. 
Timothy between the teeth 
I will bog flirty 
the smile dazzling. 
The moment tinkling laughter, 
the joys of singing, 
smiling face painting. 
under the sun alone. 

Birch Branches responsible for 
together were broken, so the height of summer 
the advent of years ago 
Finnish maiden fell in love. 
Sparkle over the years, so beautiful 
man with a woman in the eyes of the show. 
That wall rose still 
only a single withered away. 
No oil and water can mix with 
to each other at any time. 
The World's heartbeat in her arms 
wall rose in July will come. 
In August, while the autumn submits, 
September withered away in the corner .

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