lauantai 19. heinäkuuta 2014


Before finally departing, 
please press your lips on my lips 
farewell kiss. 
My body is bent the arc, 
webs, waiting for your hands. 

I am related to the sirens of the sea. 
Now that I got you into my trap, 
it's time to continue all over again, 
I go to the sea to prey on. 
Water is the medicine of beauty, 
sea ​​moisturize my skin, 
I do not ever expire. 

I'll do a new song of the sirens, 
it will play a more glamorous. 
Ships direct to me, 
is the next most reefs 
the most dangerous. I hunt 
the souls of beautiful people. 
Time moves on, 
I dye the horizon 
the calling in purple.

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