torstai 24. heinäkuuta 2014

S-market checkout line

When a woman is crying crocodile 
tears, when man door 
in order to close, far away and disappears, 
is lost somewhere. 

Empathetic man, it's just an illusion, 
you will never be created by me, the usual 
happy life, 
I missed all rose garden. 

Adjacent to night gave 
savor another nightmare. 
I do not get rid of my memories of you, 
still picking on me, holding the 
the grip of nightmares. 
I will never be your woman I am. 
Unable to walk up the street, and S-Market 
checkout line may point to a decent man. 
The three athletes with the child's father, 
the heart to sinus rhythm creates a new bouncing added.

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