torstai 24. heinäkuuta 2014

Night under the stars

They became flesh, 
dewy meadows, 
valleys of fairy tales. 
Moon sails of my life 
I draw the boat. 
I compose a new tune, 
where the nations of the world 
at the same melody 
agrees with the mixed choir a living. 

Life is only one sigh, 
the whisper of the past 
I hear: I love you. 
After a while the road is a great love, 
and step by step under the dance in March. 

Night under the stars smiling at me, 
moon dance bows. 
I dance in space, 
under the bright starry sky. 
Add music to play 
organ grinder in the black night 
silken suit. 
As long velvety dance 
continues until you are tired 
on Cotton wool fell asleep.

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