torstai 10. heinäkuuta 2014

The artist's joy

I do not complain at any time, 
I shall content myself with my lot, it shall be 
what it is. today the wind 
pant among the reeds, 
revels in the heat of stones on the surface. 
Bikes are available on a bike 
fate, my part of it hits 
number of days ending with the day. 

Too many disappoint 
holidays bring with them, 
I have learned to enjoy the 
the small crumbs of happiness, 
which falls to the party from the tables. 
I know the feeling, 
which can only be humble. 

The artist's joy, it has to be earned 
a thousand tears. I dance 
feet of fire-hardened. 
Tears after a deep peace, 
I have earned my place. 
I have created an own words: 
path, a large highway arm. 
My path is open to the world 
for large monitors, words wings 
may the back.

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