lauantai 26. heinäkuuta 2014

I will stand on my own two fee

I will stand on my own two feet. 
So I did it, I built a 
the ruins of the love of its own 
fragments glued to the sky to catch. 

Words, word formations, fragments do not 
longer collect. They are all re-
glued to the pot of the world again 
come alive. 

Still, it can not be me to remove it 
loneliness, the stubbornness, 
which is just inside the smoldering reason. 
It needs some joined by a great friendship, 
will never accept injustice, 
and indecision. 
Without a goal, a course to the number of 
I Do I way wrong? 
Who's trying his hand too much, 
I'm a water-resistant, 
you have to wash the mask off. 

The worst thing about today is the spiritual blindness 
maze of catacombs, 
Karisma blind anger came, 
but it was a moment yesterday. 
I will join with beautiful leprechaun, 
bring it to me the darkness of the caves. 
I totutan this light it, 
I just come along with the blind. 

I was standing on my own two feet, 
who brought me up to his feet. 
Thank you bestowed upon him, I have to say. 
In my dreams, I always hear the sound 
the son of Aphrodite. 
He always says that what my dream 
dancing in the air immet veiled 
hiuksin. I maybe I was one of those 
in the other, until the world 
I was sent.

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