lauantai 12. heinäkuuta 2014

I am on the way at some time

Clouds courtyards runaway sheep 
jumping over the obstacles. 
Long dependent on the sun 
hair comb set of cherubim. 

I am on the way at some time, 
I fall down from my sleep. I wake up, 
In the morning, rising from beside this; 
as a pale hazy vision. 
So sometimes gets to see the delusions, 
the horizon in the middle of the scorching heat gasp. 
The fairy flew over my eyes when 
was the size of about six foot tall, 
in color and shimmering cream-colored. 

So it is said that the horizon 
is as big as a utopia unpredictable plot. 
It is dangerous to look at the world 
bird's eye view, take the frog perspective 
have a look, so you can not run into too 
easily fairies flying.

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