torstai 17. heinäkuuta 2014

Mrs. Räty

Plush sofa in the embrace of 
Within its stoop of the shoulders, 
life too often guarding. 
behind me are arguing 
Tragic heroes of the wars of their lives. 
So many have been the only resident 
of single homes. 
Years bow hanging in 
shoulders, silver adorns the temples. 

Life was just 
happy child-like. 
What was left far behind 
the girl with the braids 
Her hair tightly in a bun 
was rotated, the joyful expression on the 
the girl changed appearance 
the acid. 

The poor, the lame, and 
the pain is on 
limping. Mrs. Räty 
being hypocritical and unfair. 

New influx of Aug. point 
here in turn, 
Corselet ware and tighter 
woman acidic than lemon 
lace. What is needed now 
happy wild young man, 
every moment to change 
time happy dance, 
wildly wheels. 
I take up against the piano to vibrate 
vibrato, that song will 
the melody of every day 
tomorrow will take wildly empathy.

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