perjantai 11. heinäkuuta 2014


Grief largest black veil on the wings of my heart beats. 
Bleak loneliness in my life wave, 
away from it all joy almost eat. 

The poet's a full pot, 
up from sleep to wake me up early today, 
I do not know the power of nocturnal nightmares, 
are no longer merciful thoughts 
out to overcome. 
I am a bitter poison, now a toast of your drunk, 
Life does not drop at all happy ever bestowed upon me. 

Now stand at the flow divider, 
great sorrow over the slab. 
The road is so black and grim, 
in front of a large black unknown. 
Bitterness now in days is acquired, 
not a moment's security, 
not happy harbor. 

Tattered sails right, 
I'm captain of the sinking ship. 
Not all agree with the pirate 
my ship now occupy. 
After some quiet wind in its sails 
I miss, stick with access to the thread of life 
the magic of the merciful.

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