torstai 24. heinäkuuta 2014

How do you feel the pain

How do you feel the pain, 
when the wings ripped from angels? 
Burden on the shoulders of children 
raise a quarrel couples. 
Children pay the soul with sorrow 
too high priced ransom. 

Shaking cliffs, caves are broken, 
when the Finns, fighting, 
-drinking women in the crash. 
When the mind is always black, 
then hit the persisting 
slimy cancer. It was a moment of meat 
kill the flesh, the cells their walls 
poison to catch are building. 
That happens when torn 
the wings off the angels. 

Evil rips swallows children 
languages​​, will occur when the dumb kids. 
Without the skill of empathy, without 
the language of love. they are on the streets 
show only that. 
Paint the black bridge coasters, 
[spreijjaavat], spray the walls of the houses. 
Tomorrow's light, these are not 
begotten by the fetus no longer understand, 
Bats are the eyes of defiance.

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