sunnuntai 31. elokuuta 2014


The night after breakfast, I eat breakfast. 
While the fire burns in the fireplace, 
take a look at you in secret. 
If there is a feel good song about tea, 
push marmalade bread 

You step by step to follow, 
I go through the eye of a needle up. 
I follow you like a shadow to the bedroom. 
I'll be in the armpit, the shape of the woman, 
and beauty in 
I get it. 

Day cycle of the march, 
I will follow you until the 
the world continues to move. 
Again, the night after the breakfast, 
and I eat breakfast, 
and take a look at the magazine guarantees you the secret. 

Have brought back my head, 
you still my enchanted sound in my ears ringing. 
I studied in my heart, 
it is the inner voice again turned my head. 

In the morning alone, whereas wander alone, 
in the evening we sleep laptop laid. 
Exudes a night on us, 
moonlight lights, as well as happiness in the fire; 
Big Dipper shines in the belt of stars. 

Man's sake I men, 
I come and I go. 
I'm going, and I will back again, 
everything in life with you, you give away. 

The channel at the beach, sandy word, 
yesterday again repeated to fly as 
boomerang all the same place, 
heart falls in love with you again.

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