lauantai 9. elokuuta 2014

Where is it warm safe armpit

Over the years, the light shines
in the light the star patterns. 
No magic so was the moment when it was confronted 
when the sky is lightning and dance dawn. 
Inside still sweet mandolin chords rang, 
the feeling is like a childhood summer, 
I still feel the aromas, feelings about it. 
Time to memories fade, or get 
Clouds over the oblivion of injustice. 

I remember too much of everything, come on. 
Good must always remember that evil is better 
memories out of hiding. 
Some memories will raise the surface, 
and as trophies polish. 
Where is it safe warm armpit, 
where the security of the world I hide. 
Fragments of life again the puzzle all the time, 
of the fires generated characters tomorrow. 
In the figure is also the face because 
I love you still, that feeling tends to 
through the seams of my skin now. 
Longing nebula is kindled in my eyes.

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