sunnuntai 31. elokuuta 2014

In the attic

In the attic for a long time has been the dark. 
Love all the soul of my lamp turned off. 
I walk in the dark here still, 
a lonely beacon of light might sometimes 
I reach. 

Respiration night I listen to, 
also can be lonely. 
Night shadows become part of the music, 
shadows of the blues wails of life. 

Many a lonely wanderer, 
here in the morning his journey. 
Own one of these anniversary, 
my dream is guarded by the mother earth. 

I have a blanket on me 
I'd pull, I remember the cold 
yesterday. It is a cry of pain 
the mirror that which was broken 
in silence. Not tomorrow now 
picture is displayed, and the time passes 
course. we hourglass 
Litter is turned, 
again, and again.

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