maanantai 11. elokuuta 2014

Today in the world

today in the world

Today the world is a witch, 
August stories, I eat 
next to apples. 
I've escaped the Eve of paradise, 
in the middle of the snakes, and tears. 
Adam always open gnawing wound. 
I know that I write a utopia, 
and the dream that I can escape from the world. 
Oh, this same boomerang-way 
the circumference of the lava, do not turn off the 
may smoldering volcanoes. 
In my dreams, I love you still, 
even though I run to escape the memories of yesterday. 
Tomorrow it is only a mirror of the future. 
I get up in the dreams of the ailment, 
sometimes they raised their feelings to the heavens. 

Rises from within those stories, 
the ability of the unborn. controlled 
me nights, and aching legs. 
I can not always agree-day work, 
when the insomnia is often wrong with me. 
Raise the sails up, and I'll lead the 
only dreams of the airship. 

Below this heaven, I will write 
the mantra of the sea beach in the sand. 
Make it happen in my dream samurai sword, 
or fight the tatami. 
Too open the eyes of Adam. 
It does not help women from the veils, 
the viper paradise sneak always noticing. 
So, Mr. creation, to pay the 
Always pound, when faced with a woman, a whore. 
I crowns martyrs position, 
and lock the chastity belt again, and the first start 
day's work.

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