keskiviikko 13. elokuuta 2014


My name writing to add it to the paper 
and push it into the bottle to the post office. 
Somewhere I send, 
maybe it has to the sea in the garbage. 
August sharpen the moon, the night sky 
down to the ground whereas the darkness 
begins the romance of love. 

I will continue the journey again, in the annals of 
corruptible. The world is 
our child's relatives, and lovers. 
Freezing fall again, where 
frost time. Heaven arc 
today is hot and restless. 

Hate or love, it is a continent. 
The camp campfire in a dream dance among the 
the dark. I feel shivers up the wild 
dancing wild horses. 
Yet a little while wild frenzy 
inside vibrates, then a moment away 
is, when the alarm clock on the table shakes.

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