sunnuntai 24. elokuuta 2014

Rice grain

It will plant one grain of rice, 
I expect it to germinate well. 
That said, my mentor, he, 
and composed of one new tune. 
So me wrapped in the snares of the 
philosophy, and I took the 
its secular utopia doctrine. 

We were the disciples of life, 
I as well as he. 
Inside of a bright ring 
the wonderful song of life. 
I guess witch angels 
reject both fetuses. 
I write stories, and supervision of nights. 
Here you will keep us busy, 
the writer to sharpen his sword; 
and strikes again ills. 

They are within the these wonders 
increase the philosophy grain of rice. 
Familiar with longing, pain, and 
banging his head on the wall. 
Passing on where the barriers 
are the highest, always 
towards the dead-end road. 
Sunday is a moment of rest, 
and dispose of it will not be too hard.

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