sunnuntai 10. elokuuta 2014

The traveling life he chose

The traveling life he chose, 
the road of conflict, and Kaukokiito. 
So sing at night, asphalt, 
and the world is your home, 
passes through the heart of the container, 
and the ideas of the text font. 
A truck's wheels sing song, 
and someone to write them down. 
It's time to unplug the past, 
and the future, and bend back 
is another vast open. 

Sitting behind the wheel, the man too languid. 
Dreaming again for some break, 
and automatic switch gears, 
until we are close to the 
band railing. so Driving 
I guess I can be an art. like 
guitar beats right foot will tread. 
She dances in her thoughts, 
in a hay barn with 
the beautiful Sarah, who just can not 
to bring about the danger that the 
busy sometimes stops, and the truck remains the ropes. 
It is a dangerous man from the 
idea, and Sarah's veiled head. 

The morning passes the truck, and the point past the gig. 
Moment of Rest comes, and truck tires 
they call Sunday to reach. 
Now, in a hurry to stay in the weather, when the 
man arrives at a distance. 
Now it is early morning Sunday, 
and the hazy veil of mountain ash received. 
Individual sleeping in a truck driver, and 
tomorrow will arise on the road who knows.

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