perjantai 22. elokuuta 2014

Our memories work

We will do our memories work, 
the lonely side by side. 
I'm the star of the play, 
starring in this tragic drama. 
Faith went away from me, my heart shut Meeting. 
Let's hope in my heart to live 
still missed, my angel with hand in hand. 

Life, as well as I do, We rotate the shaft 
here, we are orbiting in the same. 
Orbit lonely, 
We rotated away from each other. 
Love is lost 

I love ever 
take to the air longer. 
Morning Night Dipper stars in the belt 
one sad star staring at me, 
looks like the language, as well as a long nose. 

You have edible leaves beautiful ear, 
they are hungry, craving my dream self. 
I am speaking of lime poetic vein, 
theater with my life 
creating, for you it 
a word refinement of individual natures.

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