lauantai 16. elokuuta 2014


Today I begin with this, 
I write a long story. 
Meriluoto glass house, 
I travel a time of the trip. 
Thoughts of the airship today 
I dig out. 
I'll give the mild wind is blowing. 
Lahti in there somewhere, 
I am here in Joensuu 
jealousy on the trail. 
I will continue on into the future, 
calls me echoes, chords, 
the words in the mother tongue rings now. 
Both domestic 
I write a mantra. 
The world in different languages ​​also 
I seek the tantra. 

The people of Kalevala countries, 
those Finnish song countries 
I was born for deep words 
Sampo's workmen. 
Bathe Finnish language, 
beating of a spiked 

In her footprints, 
these are reviewing. 
I create the story, 
this everyday life creaking. 
Lyric poetry lyre hat, 
May Day to be held. 
On the wall of honor books, 
The championship of fireplaces
So you oriented. 
Sampo's own I am today 
received, the golden spurs 
the writer's shoes.

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