maanantai 11. elokuuta 2014

There must always be days

Waiting sometimes it rewards 
After too many cliché. 
In my dreams they are 
queuing s-market. 

There must always be days 
frivolous, paint the horizon 
the painter. writing about people 
letters, fonts, keyboards 
choice of illustrative words for. 
I know, yes it would be powerful 
is the world's languages. 

Swedish-rooted inside me 
increase may be, write it 
language, gold, purple, and potash. 
Each year, the prize will be 
somewhere in the world. 
A woman holds the power of the word, 
write poetry as 
running in the eternal marathon run. 

Gulf of gentle winds back of my neck 

blows, while the Republic of Karelia 
chiming, I doubt a lot of 
the innermost moved. 
I write for so long 
until it is my time to go, 
and fly as the new sensation 
arch of heaven.

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