perjantai 29. elokuuta 2014

The smell of blood

Large bear standing on hind legs, 
is willing to sacrifice a small 
cruelly pull down. 
So scared trembles 
whooper swan lands Finland. 
Who would tell a great disservice 
the flow of ideas in the mind of the plot? 
Chaos, and chaos is conquered 
World monitors the air districts. 
Not waving freely, happily 
flagpole pennants. 
Turbulent wind is blowing, 
the smell of blood brings with it 
Ukraine up. 
We tremble with terror, 
fear harshly. 
Is there anyone who is going to 
War skein of messed up 
part again to find out. 
We do not need a new world war, 
we are a new Hitler, 
that the concentration camps to build.

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