perjantai 8. elokuuta 2014

I would like to be

I would like to be as light as a dragonfly, 
your song is playing always the same cadence. 
Words hunter on safari is the case, 
In no rocking rhyme 
free gallop opens the show. 
To avoid unnecessary words, sentences interactions, 
those infecting the entire choir. 
You said, I compose a little song 

It is a man and a beautiful woman, 
it will be a tune loving. 
I complain about unexplained little paltry for a moment, 
then I start hunting trip. 
Rope will catch phrases in their own right, 
song for the grace chords, and aroma. 
Today is the day 
the words run, 
Missing rhymes to get the swamp. 
A woman is always a woman, 
only rarely willing, 
and self-sacrificing. 
The most nagging, and remorseful. 
Man is created to please the woman, 
I would like a sacrificial. 
A manly man, 
Always walk through the side of the road. 
There where growing out of the love, 
than wild wine, 
germinate in the dry barren land. 
I would love to flow 
wild in the groin, 
I listen with humility, 
break out in laughter when the mother earth.

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