torstai 21. elokuuta 2014

In my dreams

Maybe in my dreams you 
more I love, the dream to another 
a change in a moment more. 
Then, if I would have the forces Simpson, 
so the hair would bind the strong catch you. 
I would say with all your heart you are gentle. 
You do not run away to my gentle run, 
I would have a chilling you spell witch. 

My love would be inviting the weight 
swamp the spirit of the magic of the invitation from the bog. 
So rise up inside the bog hummock dancing 
Dancing Ilmatar summer night the fabled women 
and the mist veils 
draw upon the countries Hummocks and mires etc.. 

The people of Kalevala woman Marjatta, 
autumn Hummocks the yield to decorate. 
So, too, the crowns of the cloudberry bog surface 
here and there to decorate succulent. 
I do not like frost, ice, 
no feelings evaporate the cold nights. 
My heart quivers heat, 
not dissipated out of the hot summer nights time. 

I could be as Ilusia 
glisten in the water on the surface of the sun 
the light. Item will arrive in September, 
August sickle cut off the crop 
it is a pleasurable strong men work. 
I love the part of the darkness, 
tamper with the stars the moon and the night. 

I want only the best to you, 
you can not wrap my love drowning. 
I love just as a mother loves 
children, I'm so than losing in the wind. 
Sometimes caressing your hair secretly caressed. 

Back the summer horizon, memories 
genuine love for inside position. 
I go to every morning in the evening halfway poem 
against, I like will-o'-fire 
which is against your chest at the heater 
and far from disappeared from the heat of the summer 
melted away.

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