tiistai 12. elokuuta 2014


The clouds dance in the courtyards cry sheep. 
Male bald comb the top of the head thoughts. 
So are some gems of the young teeth. 
Of the time since, at the time, after all, 
are the moments caught marketing, and one-off programs. 
Now the cries of space, and the leak of clouds veils. 
Rain refreshes the country, and as 
wise mare you Rest, and youth shoots. 

Over the altar gives moisture sighs, 
and the altar of incense bring life. 
Its strength seems to give a strong, 
and the poor have the privilege to apply for mercy, 
tears as a weapon to use. 

Now the offering of the swamp of the most 
the most beautiful meadow villas bring. 
So it jams reward hardworking hands. 
The rain on a water lily leaf, 
frog dancing with glee, and gently croak.

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