torstai 14. elokuuta 2014

Thank you

Swinging gently in the breeze marsh tea, 
and meadow wool with her dance crane 
swamp bows. August is on your lap 
manufacturer of natural grain. The point is 
time by autumn frost dye will 
Lapp drill March. Author of gold 
spurs deserves, writes 
smell, breath so different, 
different countries. Languages ​​playing of Babylon 
to build a tower on their blog. 

So much patina, and over the years 
groans time, which conceals 
the stories of those. For asphalt, 
and in the wilderness, boardwalk, as well as 
the cradle to the rocking chair. 
It's all feeling, joy, gladness, and 
The pain that the words will. 

In the wind, or the network to fly to the world. 
I, I thank and salute the 
the glory of this to me bestowing. 
A small Karelian woman's world 
bringing life to conquer the monitors. 
Karelia will ring when a small 
man news over the threshold reaches. 
Thank you.

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