torstai 28. elokuuta 2014

In this day

In this day, at this time, 
Boxing perimeter Racks beat each choir to sing arias. 
We do not realize it, most importantly, 
is, it is the love of peace, and the road 
spike wireless. 
And the network is split spots, 
and sometimes censored news 
lies bleached. 
So it exceeds the threshold of the news, 
when the war stirs up some man. 
So where is our empathy ability, 
and humanity? 

On September viper rigid 
I was lying in ruins, 
and it is a paradise lost 
a long time ago. 
I created a blog was, 
in 2009, and the text 
expands as the water-absorbing sponge. 
So where is the end of our journey, 
where to lead my way.

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