lauantai 30. elokuuta 2014

Self outline

            September is just around the corner 
            I'm looking for the words of my life 
            last love story. 
            Those words can phrases 
            each of the sequences increase; 
            such as wood for winter 
            himself takes off again. 
            I am little by little the way of my life 
            the last trip. 
            During rotation, autumn takes off again 
            Maple leaf from the skin. 
            In this moment, still miss you, love. 
            Lots of storage inside the heart of summer 
            heat, and light. 
            In my mind the lamp is still a few bright. 

                  Self contour, they are 
                  very stretchable concept. 
                  Drape yourself in sentences, they 
                  are like wearing a toga. 
                  Without them, I'm naked, 
                  speechless, absolutely speechless. 
                  I am like a weather vane 
                  I miss the constant movement of the 
                  my wheels. 
                  September, the winds will bring me 
                  creative words, emotional states, scents, 
                  from many different countries. 
                   The morning opens up the curtains, 
                   when the window gaps between 
                   the world of virtual waves 
                   breaking my word at 
                   air floating raft.

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