perjantai 29. elokuuta 2014

It's the feeling

Fold the end of the summer wings, 
Book cover image for the fall is formed. 
I said good-bye to summer already, 
broken, broken feeling. 
Rim beat each class 
study meets again. 
Today is Friday, 
the loneliness of my heart beats are setting the pace. 
The pain, the echoes of the winds between the 
dry lips, nectarine, 
if you do not you kiss of them wet. 

I am not able today to the 
Walk in forward anymore, 
stooped posture is. 
Thus sings the chorus 
perimeter beat each choir, 
its echo screaming back to the beach. 

It's the feeling of the hopelessness 
at the same boxing ring closed. 
Struck a fallen, are we we are adrift 
it is all of our own kind work. 
Doctrine, and the late, labor market 
statement, which is a state of mind, and fitness 
you feel the despair of the melody ringing already?

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