tiistai 26. elokuuta 2014

Referring to the Committee's report

Referring to the Committee's report 
The target group is to create a consumable item. 
Otherwise, you can not create the good life career. 
September brings with rain, the mud. 
My soul is like a tin plate, or drum membrane, 
meeting, the group yelling out loud cheers. 
Where is the tow-headed boy, 
he is today, a man ball-bellied, bald-headed. 
Here is a casual story, has already gone 
the decades-trip Hetekka the bed creak. 

What are doing the types of selfish, 
they are the bread from the mouth to rob the poor can not. 
Referring to the Committee's report, this law is set up. 
We cut utility subsidies, it spells the messages to the reader. 
So we are at odds, the rich dig coins in your pocket 
of the poor. Desperately hungry farmer 
trying to banish the country violently modifying. 

The world is the worse day by day change us. 
It's more full of devils, as the protective angels. 

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