maanantai 25. elokuuta 2014

Let's just you and me

Life in the body is decayed 
full of branches. Cut off, 
that they do not break under me 
among the untamed passion. 
I nectarine lips 
I drink sparkling. 
Then I, happily 
I live in a moment. 
You are my life a wild stallion 
and I have a soft gentle mare. 

Behind a fence is not worth a peek, 
the same green grass there 
to grow, as our feet just luck. 
My place is with you, 
stalls side by side. 
Always, and now, a new feeling 
is born inside me. 
I do not miss the wild steppes of cool 
the wind, I do not adrift in the winter. 
Let's just you and me, me and you.

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