lauantai 19. huhtikuuta 2014


I'm here, you're out there somewhere. 
I will remember you in need of gentle thoughts. 
Then there are times when love eating me alive, 
inside with a warm blood, 
there is unrest in the great work. 
Only at the end of the world, standing on the emptiness of life. 

Then all will fade, 
today is only now. 
Yesterday has disappeared into the mist, 
The future may not bring happiness 
or not. Beautiful memories of growing 
always inside of me as the wind, Timothy. 

Your image tattooed on my soul, what 
I will do it at the sight? 

I know the smallest cog in the machinery of the world I am. 
Somewhere to hide behind my words, the poem you write. 
Then again being a bright new morning dawns.

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