torstai 10. huhtikuuta 2014


Words have become a weapon to hit, 
or to defend. 
You can always eat his words, 
or voice may be sold. 
Hold a debate on a little bit, 
words to add this to the extent that 
that the idea of ​​a moment not to fly. 
Walk toward the lower side of the brain. 

Ideas in a wild jungle, 
sanattomuuden cloudy savanna. 
Whimsical mood catacomb, 
with no way out, if anxiety 
turn off the burning flame of the soul healthy. 

Where today our path it will take, 
I have a good morning, a day 
I wish. Crazy April, 
evokes a lively imagination. 
The idea is to soar somewhere far away already, 
Now is Thursday, point it will pass 
calculates the evening sun.

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