sunnuntai 6. huhtikuuta 2014

Dreams is to have a great love

Today we are here to love running away. 
Deep feelings remain silent. 
The world I'm not a hero, I'm just 
recluse, solitary sunk to the bottom of the anchor. 
Words of days over a gentle ping-pong. 
The loneliness of the jungle of words always running away. 
Passed out inside the last dream, 
I am a woman pale as a sheet. 
I do not think there was a pagan. 
When the last word is written, 
then here forever remain silent. 
My dream they are embedded, 
kurkkusalaattiin preserved and the lid firmly closed. 
I sit in my thoughts of my childhood in the basement, 
Donald Duck is a firm squeeze, until I read 
word of the most funniest. 
I'm afraid to ever tell anyone.

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