torstai 17. huhtikuuta 2014

Thursday's poem Easter challenge

Thursday's poem Easter challenge

In the dream, I walked through the youth room ,
tooth and nail , and I swallowed the blood.
Now, the bark of the ship from childhood to dig out .
It is now my channel count of the waves ,
when the ice is finally off the left.
Jar glass container all
winter tears .

Spring gently caress your fingers,
my skin from the sun ironed.
Easter end internal ukeemin
center of my brain rhyme tune .
Small children's bare feet as they wanted
already racing through .
The magic of the cup to my lips lift up the spring ,
the outgoing winter darkness cup
I drink, this will render the darkness .

What view of the world , we began to create,
all the peculiarities
I leave unto the Lord .
My idea of the sacred labyrinth
they are there for a while there the store ,
until the summer, the winds are out of the release.

This , I believe , and the creation of the world
debate , it's my thoughts for a moment
again captures. soul from purgatory
a moment to submit . More than my soul for a while
I flew like a wicked witch ,
I felt the pain of Good Friday , and
soul sparks lightning.
Once again I landed back on the ground .
Here, today, I swam in the spirit of the private alley ,
thought it must pass again fast.

I walk through the house of the Lord ,
the atmosphere of the instincts to know them,
I feel the power of faith .
Today, all these pains of the world
my soul , and my body to starve .

No one can be an atheist to convert the soul .

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