perjantai 4. huhtikuuta 2014

What a crazy world

Oh, what a crazy world we 
we live within. True or dream, 
no matter what my thoughts grow. 
Time is, or is not, the wind all 
echoes of yesterday brought with it. 
Sallow Spring with my hair 
tomorrow comes down. 
Dreams, they are in my head through out the show. 
A woman's graying head, 
it still does not stop the lava from the inside, 
smother the skin which need to shame. 

I sometimes like charm readers with my words, 
inside of rings rhymes nightingale, 
I only hope that it is not evil 
never to kill. 
Ailing flame of love inside me, 
Estonians, invites you today. 
Gold, or purple, 
blood pollutes the land of the future. 
The world in my hands it gets healed 
stigmata of blood to leak once again. 
Decision-makers in the world is not enough to posture 
the fact that our world evil 

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