lauantai 5. huhtikuuta 2014

The cradle of life

Swinging on swings in a circular motion 
the cradle of the world. 
To be born, live, die 
it is required to move the condition. 
The beginning, growth, and the abandonment of the time 
decompose into compost,, to nourish the grove. 
Writer, a magician's illusion, magic. 
The people of Kalevala countries, 
creativity wake up in the morning. 

Sampo's law to get the words 
sentences out of the forge. 
Wake up Tellervo, sharpen 
the sword of the word. 
April, becomes insane month. 
May expect to past 
partisans of the rolls echoes. 

Somewhere in one of the poet writes, 
the life of haiku. 
The words evoke the time stroller 
a rotary motion. 
The hourglass is turned to measure the 
that date. Saturday 
chips hit troubled waters, not in any 
any shadow of a lake. 
Good Morning Finland, America 
provided in our language a woman. 
Friend newsworthy, 
I am writing, this and that. 
My words will bring up a new era of Kalevala 
People countries, for the frost, capriciously.

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